Deadbolt 2E

Deadbolt 2E

The Deadbolt 2E is designed to make access simpler and smarter for property developers, managers and more. Improve accountability, efficiency and traceability all round. Use it to add value to properties or secure high-value assets and important facilities in infrastructure industries. Grant greater visibility to managers to manage access on a scalable level.

Use time-sensitive PIN codes and Bluetooth keys to gain entry. Physical keys are available for contractors and movers to conduct work in properties. Owner keys will override this set to ensure the space is secure after they vacate the premises.

Works with igloodeveloper and the igloohome app.

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Door Compatibility

Door type

Wooden swing door (Left/Right)

Door thickness

43-60mm / 1.69-2.36in


60 or 70mm / 2.36 or 2.76in

Clearance from door edge



Front Assembly

63 (W) x 148 (H) x 17 (T) mm / 2.48 (W) x 5.83 (H) x 0.67 (T) in

Back Assembly

65 (W) x 160 (H) x 30 (T) mm / 2.6 (W) x 6.3 (H) x 1.2 (T) in

Need a customised solution?

We’re always working on growing our range of products. From cam locks to rim locks, we’re open to discussing your hardware needs.

We’re a collaborative bunch that enjoys coming up with innovative products to improve security across all industries.

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