Single Family Rentals

Made smoother by smart access

Efficient resident onboardings, delightful tenant experiences. That's all made possible with smart access.

Lease with ease.

Managing multiple rental properties is no easy feat. The leasing process, key handovers, all that paperwork - we get it. iglooworks lets you focus on delivering exceptional service to prospective tenants and residents while streamlining the access management process.

  • Saves time & hassle of key handovers or duplication.

  • Increased efficiency, control and customisation of access management.

  • Enhanced security for residents, greater visibility for managers.

One system is all you need

We provide a solution suite that offers convenience and security. Manage all your locks on one platform. Or integrate with your own software.

Flexibility is key.

Offer smart access for your tenants' security and convenience. The Deadbolt's simple to install.
Can't alter the door of the property? Use a Keybox to store keys. 

We have a range of smart locks to cover every access point within the rental property.

View them all

WiFi, or no WiFi?

Our devices work offline. Think easy deployment to empty properties, ready to be rented.

Ultimately, our locks can be paired to a Bridge for online capabilities.

Learn about the bridge

Our unique algoPIN™ technology lets property managers generate PIN codes anywhere, any time to authorized visitors. 

The codes act as an instruction to the lock, so it looks something like:

Why we stand out

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks


(Lock works without WiFi, no downtime if WiFi is disrupted)

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks


(In places with poor WiFi connectivity)

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks


(No WiFi hacking)

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks

Generate PIN codes remotely

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks

Receiving Access

(No additional app download to receive access)

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks

3rd Party Integration

(BookingSync, Airbnb etc.)

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks

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