Short term rentals

Made better by smart access

Manage short-term rentals with ease. We're talking fuss-free automated check-ins that don't require key handovers.

One system is all you need

We provide a solution suite that offers convenience and security. Manage all your locks on one platform. Or integrate with your own software.

Integrations made simple.

Automate access generation according to your guest's reservations, we'll send PIN codes or Bluetooth keys on your behalf while you focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

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Flexibility is key.

Don't want to alter the door? Shackle a Keybox to it.
Need to secure a store room? The Padlock's perfect.
We have a range of smart locks to cover every access point within the rental property.

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WiFi, or no WiFi?

It's your call. Our devices can be paired to the Bridge for online capabilities.

Learn about the bridge

Our unique algoPIN™ technology can act as a backup should the WiFi connection get spotty. You can still generate PIN codes for your guests anywhere, at any time.

The codes act as an instruction to the lock, so it looks something like:

Why we stand out

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks


(Lock works without WiFi, no downtime if WiFi is disrupted)

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks


(In places with poor WiFi connectivity)

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks


(No WiFi hacking)

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks

Generate PIN codes remotely

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks

Receiving Access

(No additional app download to receive access)

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks

3rd Party Integration

(BookingSync, Airbnb etc.)

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks

Your guest’s satisfaction is our priority.

It doesn't matter if it's a cabin in the woods, or an apartment in the city; or if your guests want to check-in at 6 in the morning and check-out at 12 midnight.

We make access easy to manage, so you can accommodate their requests.

Breakfast (rental property management) has seen a 15% increase of 5-star reviews within just 8 months of implementation.

Increase of 5-star reviews


Time Period (Months)


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