Restavio, a vacation rental management company, reduces their manpower costs for physical key exchanges through iglooworks solutions.


Ability to manage access remotely and without Wifi with greater security and reliability.

Restavio’s business model is to help hotels and short-term rental hosts ensure maximum returns by providing the best customer experience. This is done by leveraging automation and offering services such as guest communication, revenue management, pricing optimization, marketing, booking and check-in logistics.

Restavio manages 50 international rental properties along with multiple additional services such as surfboards and skiing equipment rental. As all these services required physical key exchanges, this compounded the manpower resources and time needed. In order to cut down on these operational costs, Restavio wanted to shift to a more automated smart access solution. However, as numerous rental cottages under Restavio’s care were located in the countryside, unstable or even no internet access was a major roadblock to their goal.

What we did for them
  • By implementing 10 Keybox 3, Restavio is now able to grant PIN codes remotely without Wifi.

  • The Keybox 3 is also IP66 certified, which suits Restavio’s outdoor use.

  • Integrated igloodeveloper API into their hospitality management system.


Our partnership

Restavio also integrated the igloodeveloper API in their existing property automation platform and property management system, which helped facilitate their internal processes like day-to-day booking management.

Because Restavio can efficiently grant access to their rental properties remotely and securely without relying on an internet connection, they no longer need to rely on physical key exchanges. As a result, they were able to reduce their staff headcount per city from 4 to 0, while allowing guests to independently check in anytime. Restavio now saves up to 10 Canadian Dollars and 1 hour in staff time, for every physical key exchange.

Since implementing iglooworks smart access solutions from January 2020 for more than 1 year, Restavio has seen a 25% increase in booking. This is a remarkable business performance especially during the pandemic and they attribute a large part of this to the contactless check-in that is well-received by the customers.

For more information, visit the Restavio website and the iglooworks website.

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