Property showings

Empowered by smart access

Whether its self-showings or simply empowering realtors to lease faster, granting secure access ensures a smoother, safer and simpler process.

One system is all you need to...

Lease faster.

Let agents optimize their time instead of juggling appointments. Our solutions empower them to shorten the sales cycle in order to maximise revenues.

Enable self-showings

There’s no need to be on-site to grant access to your portfolio of property listings. Enable self-tours for prospects to view properties even outside of business hours.

Boost bottom lines

Never miss out on a lead. Self-showings offer opportunities to increase the volume of quality leads, accelerate the touring process, and lead to more meaningful follow-ups.

Offer smoother property viewings

Send PIN codes or Bluetooth keys for target listings to prospects with every successful appointment made.

Our solutions lets realtors, agents, and property managers control how and when anyone enters.

No unauthorized access goes unseen to keep theft and vandalism at bay.

Integrations made simple.

Automate access generation according to home viewing schedules. Skip managing multiple sets of keys to different properties.

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With time-sensitive access modes, I can set my client's mind at ease when it comes to security.

Juan Resendez

All City Real Estate San Antonio

Flexibility is key.

Portable and easy to deploy? Get the Keybox for secure key sharing.
Managing hundreds of build-to-rent properties? Install the Deadbolt across your portfolio.

We have a range of smart locks to aid smarter home viewings.

View them all

WiFi, or no WiFi?

Our devices work offline. Think easy deployment of locks and lockboxes to empty properties, ready to be viewed at any given time. 

Our unique algoPIN™ technology lets real estate agents and property managers generate PIN codes anywhere, any time to authorized visitors.

Learn about the bridge

Our unique algoPIN™ technology can act as a backup should the WiFi connection get spotty. You can still generate PIN codes for your guests anywhere, at any time.

The codes act as an instruction to the lock, so it looks something like:

what’s the secret sauce?

Why we stand out

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks


(Lock works without WiFi, no downtime if WiFi is disrupted)

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks


(In places with poor WiFi connectivity)

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks


(No WiFi hacking)

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks

Generate PIN codes remotely

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks

Receiving Access

(No additional app download to receive access)

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks

3rd Party Integration

(BookingSync, Airbnb etc.)

WiFi-Enabled Locks

Pure Bluetooth Locks

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