iglooworks provides smart access solutions for rental property management platform, GuestReady.


Supports remote unique PIN code generation for their Airbnb reservations

Now able to enjoy a seamless experience without the need for physical key exchanges or worrying about security

GuestReady is a rental property management company whose business model is to help Airbnb hosts take the hassle out of hosting by offering numerous services such as customer-relationship management, guest check-in, facility and laundry services.

For GuestReady, time-consuming and inefficient access management involving physical keys exchanges for hosts, guests and service partners like suppliers and housekeeping was one of their pain points.

What we did for them
  • Provided a non-internet dependent, 100% offline solution package for GuestReady.

  • Implemented the Mortise 2 and the Keybox 3 in 20 property units in Paris and Lyon.

  • Integrated the igloodeveloper API in their existing property management software.


Our partnership

By implementing iglooworks’ smart access solutions, namely the Mortise 2 and the Keybox 3, GuestReady hosts, guests and service partners are now able to enjoy a seamless experience without the need for physical key exchanges and without worrying about the security of the property after each visit. The Mortise 2 and Keybox 3 allows GuestReady to generate unique PIN codes that are time-sensitive with each booking (even for last minute bookings in the wee hours), so that there’s no need for them to be near the devices to ensure that the access codes work too. This unique feature has helped in the positive reviews on GuestReady’s platform. GuestReady also integrated the igloodeveloper API in their property management software, RentalReady (RR), which helped facilitate their internal processes from onboarding to day-to-day booking management.


“Getting such technology in our day-to-day management benefits us a lot and we could see the difference very quickly. Indeed, it increases profitability, saves time, and delivers more flexibility for the guests. Ultimately, we greatly benefit from having happy guests and happy collaborators.” said Sinan Abdel Sattar, Head of Global Marketing at GuestReady.

For more information, visit the GuestReady website and the iglooworks website.

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