Smart Keybox 3 helps optimize Darwin’s leasing & rental experience through the automation of their rental turnover process


Improved operational efficiencies for the whole turn and lease cycle - from house viewings to moving in and out of renters.

Increased security, reliability and convenience, especially during the high-traffic period where there are multiple self touring appointments.

Remote management of access allows Darwin to do self tour appointments and respond quickly when prospects miss their appointments.

Darwin is a property management company offering a comprehensive set of services for homeowners and renters in the residential markets of Texas, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, Georgia and Florida.

Over the years, property management has given itself a bad name, often connotated with shoddy services, hidden fees and inefficient processes. Darwin was thus born with a singular mission in mind - to evolve and elevate Property Management for Investors and Residents.

Aimed at optimizing and evolving the rental experience, Darwin sets itself apart from its competitors by leveraging on data and technological processes. The platform acts as a home concierge, collecting rent, fielding requests, reconciling books and identifying new market opportunities all on a single digital interface.

Its proprietary property management automation software, Origin, streamlines accounting, leasing, inspections, maintenance, and repairs, all across a single ecosystem. Paired with Darwin’s expert local property managers, the company consistently delivers exceptional service and results to Investors and Residents.

The current Covid-19 situation has further accentuated Darwin’s need for a contactless lock solution to manage its thousands of properties. One of its key requirements was to find a lock that could grant PIN codes remotely, as this would help to reduce manpower costs and logistical inefficiencies during the renters’ move in process. The company further hopes to gain greater visibility on access for interested renters to facilitate follow-ups post-viewing.


What we did for them
  • Able to grant PIN codes remotely using the Smart Keybox 3.

  • Provide real-time access information - Darwin is able to track access records for all locks deployed.

  • API integration with Darwin’s existing app platform, Origin, allows business to scale with technological demands.

Our partnership

Since implementing smart access solutions, the company has deployed the Smart Keybox 3 in all 5 states they currently operate in. The combination of Darwin’s software and algoPIN™ technology to generate time-sensitive PIN codes has enabled the company to completely automate many important end-to-end processes.

This integration has facilitated prospective renters located in different areas to smoothly arrange self-guided tours on their own, without involving any human effort from Darwin. Showings can now occur seven days a week, 365 days a year, no matter the geographical distance. This process can even be automated to allow valid access only for a specific window of time. This allows property managers to oversee more units, thereby generating higher revenue as each vacant unit now requires less hands-on management. Prospects can thus tour a property at their convenience and explore at their own pace.

Likewise, renters can now move in and out of homes without Darwin Field Operators being physically present. When the visit is complete, they can simply pop the key back into the lockbox and go on their merry way. Darwin will then rekey the home and leave the new set of keys in the Keybox before other prospects or new renters arrive.

Through their activity log, Darwin employees are able to gain greater visibility in identifying anomalies. Whether it be a prospect who missed their self-tour date, or a cleaner who is late for their appointment, Darwin is in full control over its network inventory.

Since implementing iglooworks smart access solutions, Darwin has managed to completely automate the self touring process for prospective renters and the process of transitioning a rental unit from one renter to another. This saves Darwin much time and effort operationally and allows them to focus on their mission - to improve the rental experience for those on both sides of the lease.

For more information, visit the Darwin website and the iglooworks website.

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