Award-winning and immersive self-touring experience for newly built homes


  • Give “drive-buyers” the convenience and independence of unassisted self-touring.

  • Agents can manage access to their list of properties easily and focus on expanding their operations. 

  • Maximize lead generation and deal closures as more people can visit a single property in a day.

In this rapid day and age, convenience is influencing consumer-driven purchasing experiences. As Barett Davis, Founder of NterNow posits, “77% of buyers shop online and drive-by their favorite homes before contacting an agent or sales associate. On-demand self-touring access allows them the satisfaction of walking through a home on their own and instantly.” 

With over a decade of providing access to new homes, NterNow is an award-winning, on-demand self-service access platform for homebuilders and prospective buyers. More than 500,000 buyers and agents have self-toured properties using NterNow’s services.

NterNow’s goal is to empower potential buyers with the ability to tour safely and independently. Agents no longer need to plan around an agent’s availability and are able to tour the house outside regular business hours. They can explore and envision themselves in their potential new homes, without the pressure of an agent breathing down their neck.

What we did for them
  • Integrated igloodeveloper API into the NterNow app to control and manage Deadbolt 2S and Keybox 3.

  • Provide remote and secure access to properties across large geographic areas with or without WIFI connection.

  • Allow new home properties to be shown even if sales centers are closed or agents are busy.

Our partnership

In today’s ever-expanding real estate market, it is imperative to provide an exceptional experience to prospective buyers. That is why NterNow has partnered with iglooworks to pave the way for the ultimate self-guided tour experience. Igloodeveloper API integration with NterNow’s mobile app allows Nternow to grant access seamlessly with Bluetooth keys, while streamlining NterNow’s operational processes. NterNow has since deployed iglooworks Deadbolt 2S and Keybox 3 in over 50 of their properties.

In one centralised location, agents can view and manage devices on iglooworks’ web-based dashboard, an access management solution that allows NterNow to pull bookings and automatically create and send PINs to prospects. It provides much-needed flexibility in assigning people to their various properties by allowing agents to gain greater visibility of the door's current opened or closed status. NterNow agents can easily retrieve information on who has been where and when, improving their overall system’s accountability and traceability.

The Deadbolt 2S and Keybox 3 use Bluetooth PIN Codes, which allows NterNow to efficiently grant and revoke access remotely.

Buyers can schedule a visit to any NterNow property without needing to make an appointment by entering the 5-digit property ID on the front door sign into the Nternow app. They would then receive a unique or time-sensitive algoPIN™  code issued via the NterNow app after verifying their ID, which would be used to open the door and start the tour. Both Deadbolt 2S and Smart Keybox 3 allow customizable access to meet the needs of the buyers, and the duration and day can be easily adjusted to suit the buyer’s schedule.

Buyers can take advantage of this optimized process to visit the same home multiple times. While they consider their options, they can make second and third visits to the property without burdening an agent. Likewise, agents focus on higher-value tasks, as multiple tours can now occur simultaneously. The more self-tours conducted, the more prospective buyers - this considerably increases the chances of NterNow's property being leased out. 

Since its implementation, iglooworks locks have redefined NterNow’s access management and drastically improved their operational processes and productivity. With iglooworks’ locks, NterNow is well-positioned to compete and capitalized on the booming self-touring economy.

“With the bluetooth capabilities of igloowork locks, NterNow does not need to worry about losing connectivity and experiencing the hassle of pairing locks again after installation at our home properties for sale. This allows us to offer a truly hassle-free, on-demand self-touring experience for not just our “drive-buyer” users, but for our internal teammates too.” says Barrett Davis - CEO of Nternow.

For more information, visit the NterNow website and the iglooworks website.

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