Smart access for vacation rental properties

Pain points

Physical key exchanges at your property’s location.

Missing keys, access cards and the like; its lack of security and high costs of creating and replacing them.

Ensuring keys aren’t duplicated without knowledge or worrying about the property’s security.

Luxstay is a booking platform created to connect the demand for rental homes to rental property management agencies and those seeking rental accommodation for their travels within Vietnam. The booking platform has over 100,000 listings in various tourist hotspots in the country.

We understand the importance of comfort and convenience for your guests.

That’s why our solutions are built to manage a high turnover of users. Host partners listed on Luxstay are always looking to improve the guest experience. From seamless check-ins to streamlined processes to manage their properties, the platform helps in managing bookings and introducing technologies that value add to their service.

What we did for them

  • Manage guest check-ins to improve guest satisfaction

  • Maximise manpower resources

  • Improve security of rooms

Our partnership


We are a preferred partner of Luxstay.

Our products are designed to provide 24 hour access, even when the home or property owner is away. They work with the mobile app which allows access for guests to be granted remotely via PIN codes or Bluetooth keys.

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