iglooworks smart access solutions helps Japanese rental property management platform, Breakfast increase their 5 star reviews by 15%.


Easy implementation without needing to change existing door locks

Hassle-free key handovers with the Keybox 3

Breakfast is a rental property management company based in Hiroshima, Japan. The company currently manages over 500 short-term rental properties located all over Japan, from private residences to capsule hotels. Seeking to be a “no front desk hotel”, Breakfast engaged iglooworks to manage access to their rental properties remotely and efficiently.

Security was a major concern for Breakfast, as they were initially using mailboxes and traditional key boxes as touchpoints for physical key exchanges. Due to guests being unfamiliar with japanese-style mailboxes and not knowing how to open them correctly, Restavio experienced 4-5 mailbox lock breakages per mailbox, in a year. Due to cultural preferences, Property owners also preferred traditional door locks and using physical keys and were reluctant to switch to smart door locks.

What we did for them
  • Without needing to change existing door locks, Breakfast is able to remotely grant access.

  • 36 Keybox 3 and 27 Padlocks now serve as Breakfast’s 24/7 reception.

  • Integrated igloodeveloper API that helps ensure security while facilitating their automated internal processes


Our partnership

Breakfast integrated the igloodeveloper API in their existing property automation platform and property management system, which helped ensure security while facilitating their automated internal processes from onboarding to day-to-day booking management.

After implementing iglooworks smart access solutions for 8 months, starting from June 2020, Breakfast has seen their 5 star reviews increase by 15%. Property owners no longer have to experience 4-5 mailbox lock breakages per mailbox. As a result, overall satisfaction and confidence in the use of iglooworks smart access solutions is high amongst property owners and there is a marked increase in the number of property owners working with Breakfast.

For more information, visit the Breakfast website and the iglooworks website.

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