Smart access for property managers to manage co-living spaces

Pain points

Hassle of replacing everyone’s keys

Getting a new lock to ensure security is not breached because of one lost key

Mishandling of keys and duplication without your knowledge

Mamahome is the leading apartment service platform in China, co-founded by ChongFu Investment and E-House Capital China. They aim to improve the quality of serviced apartments, offering fully-furnished apartments for a co-living experience with a local spirit.

The platform integrates online and offline resources, with the apartment as the entrance and service as the core, for apartment operators and homeowners to provide related services.

With igloohome, grant access to an individual or groups who can enter different locations of your property. Time-sensitive access also ensures your space is kept safe at all times. This is effective property management at its best.

What we did for them
  • Manage access of the units in a simple and fuss-free manner.

  • Streamline rental and leasing processes.

Our partnership

We tied up with Mamahome Singapore to help owners manage their homes and rental units remotely.

Our smart locks allow property owners and managers to issue PIN codes and Bluetooth keys that are time-sensitive to their tenants. There’s no need for them to be near the unit as well as our locks are mobile app-enabled and does not need a WiFi connection to have the access modes work.

The first location they have in Singapore is Alex Residences:

Mamahome living room

Mamahome with igloohome Deadbolt

Mamahome bedroom

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