Smart access for efficient leasing and rental processes

Pain points

Saves time & hassle of key handovers or duplication.

Increased efficiency, control and customisation of access management.

Heightened security with transparent audit trail.

The 85SOHO project is a Small Office Home Office-type residence and are popular among expatriates for short- and long-term stays. LHN Group manages these serviced apartments in both Yangon and Singapore. The group provides complete facility and asset management, and logistics services.

Our solutions help manage every access touchpoint by streamlining processes, eliminating physical key handling and improving overall efficiency for users.

What we did for them
  • Improve leasing and rental processes of the service apartments

  • Enhance security and convenience for tenants

Our partnership

Our devices eliminate the handling of multiple keys between landlords and tenants, and are currently integrated in these properties:

85SOHO, 10 Raeburn Park

85SOHO, 85 Boyar Nyunt Street

85SOHO, Boon Lay Drive

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