A Fuss-free Camper Rental Experience in Switzerland

When CheekyCampers founders Till and David made a trip through Patagonia in an old Mitsubishi bus, they were inspired to have the same experience back in Switzerland. However, they found that the vehicles available back home were large, expensive and overly high-tech for that simple experience that they were looking for. Moreover, they were frustrated by the lack of flexibility when it came to booking the vehicles for the dates that they wanted. 

That was when they founded CheekyCampers - simple and affordable range of vehicles backed by a seamless digital renting process. CheekyCampers focused on how they could quickly and effortlessly implement a solution that could get them off the ground as soon as possible. With over 10 vehicles in their fleet, they needed a fuss-free solution that allows them to handover keys without physical staff around, whilst maintaining a fully digital rental process. This is why they have chosen igloohome as their go-to solution provider with our Keybox 3.

What igloohome did for them:

  • Enabled the convenience and flexibility of offline remote PIN Code generation via our  algoPIN™ technology

  • Provided peace of mind to CheekyCampers with the safety, sturdiness, and security of the igloohome Keybox 3

  •  igloohome Keybox 3s are now the main methods of client key handoff for CheekyCampers fleet of 10 vehicles

Our Partnership

CheekyCampers implemented our Keybox 3 as a minimum-viable-product in the summer of 2021. As of 2022, all 10 campers are fully equipped with our igloohome Keybox 3.

They chose igloohome because our solutions are easy to use; access to the campers are all arranged and granted via our igloohome app. CheekyCampers can generate PIN Codes remotely through the app, which does not require internet connection or SIM cards. Their customers are then able to access the keys stored in our Keybox 3 attached to the campers. And with PIN Codes generated, off they go!

CheekyCampers has essentially saved an immense amount of time and energy by removing the physical handover of keys, saving about two hours per customer. With the amount of time saved, they have recovered the investment in our solutions in just under a year. With the simplicity of setup and operations, CheekyCampers and igloohome are able to provide clients with a seamless and highly flexible camper rental experience in Switzerland.

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