Cargo management

Smart access designed to minimize theft of cargo, improve traceability and reduce cargo insurance premiums

Pain Points

Cargo theft and tampering

No real-time tracking or traceability

High cargo insurance premiums

Managing logistics, supplies and deliveries can be difficult. iglooworks offers an added layer of security to your assets and adds value to all touchpoints along the supply chain.

The lack of traceability and accountability can be countered with the use of igloohome devices. Lowering cargo theft rates, premiums and potential cargo tampering adds mileage to your services.

Cargo thefts

Accountability is key

Current cargo trucks and containers use disposable tamper-proof seals that can be easily removed and placed back. Accountability is lost when your cargo is tampered with, yet shows no signs of it. With iglooworks solution, you’ll be notified in real time when your cargo has been accessed and by whom.

Value of thefts

The average value of the thefts dropped 95% from $4.2 million to $200,000 by reviewing incidents, sharing information, and improving security, the number of large-scale thefts plummeted.

- Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition

Savings in the long run

Reduce pilferage, theft and ultimately, cargo premiums in the long run. iglooworks devices are designed to keep your assets safe, rain or shine. We offer you a greater peace of mind when it comes to the security of your goods along the supply chain, so you can run your operations without a hitch.

Our hardware supports a wide array of communication protocols to suit your needs.

  • Narrowband Internet of Things
    Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology that connects devices on established mobile networks. It is secure, reliable, optimised for low power consumption and easy to deploy.

  • Bluetooth
    Short-range wireless connectivity between electronic devices

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