OneAsia Data Center

iglooworks smart access solutions helps OneAsia, a Data Centre service provider based in China, improve operational efficiency & client convenience


Improvements in operational efficiency

Annual savings in terms of labour costs and compliance checks for both OneAsia and their clients

Better access tracking due to accurate timestamps on all access records

Greater client satisfaction and convenience due to faster response to access requests

OneAsia is a leading Data Centre service provider in Asia Pacific that has Data Centres across 15 cities, with plans to expand into Japan, Korea and Thailand. OneAsia provides total data centre solutions with critical environment and IT infrastructure, along with access management solutions and consultancy services.

To manage access to their Data Centres and Server Racks more efficiently, OneAsia engaged iglooworks to streamline their workflow. Before the implementation of iglooworks, the workflow for OneAsia’s clients to gain access to server racks was inefficient. OneAsia Network Operations Centres (NOC) staff had to first verify their client’s identity and check their access privileges. Once their identity is confirmed, NOC staff would have to escort their client to their designated rack and unlock the server rack for the client. OneAsia NOC staff also had to manually record the date and time of access.

With this workflow, OneAsia encountered several pain points. The process included too many checks and was overly complicated, which led to increase in manpower costs for both One Asia and their clients. As staff had to manually record all open and close access into their database, there were cases of human error regarding record keeping. OneAsia’s clients also often forgot to close and lock server rack doors after use, resulting in compromised security.

What we did for them
  • iglooworks Smart Swing Handle locks for server racks (front and back door)

  • Integration with iglooworks Access Management Dashboard and Mobile App

OneAsia Data Center

OneAsia Data Center

Our partnership

For OneAsia, iglooworks provided the perfect solution - the Smart Swing Handle lock. The Smart Swing Handle Lock is built to secure high-value data and network devices for Data Centres and server rooms. Designed to improve efficiency, accountability and traceability with its smart features, the lock provides the convenience of keyless access without having to manage a high volume of keys for different doors. OneAsia’s clients are now able to use iglooworks Mobile App to access their server racks without checking in with NOC staff.

Through our iglooworks Access Management Dashboard and Mobile App, OneAsia can also customise access to only designated server doors and even schedule maintenance access for different users anytime, anywhere. OneAsia now has greater visibility on access via our iglooworks dashboard, which allows them to track lock actions for audit trail purposes.

“With iglooworks, OneAsia’s clients can now gain faster access to their server rack. Along with greater convenience, clients are also able to monitor access better, with accurate timestamps on all access records and a clear audit trail. OneAsia is also able to enjoy savings in terms of operational efficiency and manpower costs too. With a clearer audit trail on the iglooworks Dashboard, One Asia now complies more adequately with the tight security measures imposed by the Financial Services Institute (FSI) industry.” said Mr. Tom Wong - Executive Director of OneAsia.

For more information, visit the OneAsia website and the iglooworks website.

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