Distribution Centres, Factories, Warehouses

Smart access to enhance facility operation processes

Pain Points

Physical key handovers

Trouble with managing multiple keys

Moderate security

Cost of duplicating lost keys

iglooworks automates the access management process so you can devote your time to more pressing issues of managing your facility.

Dedicated to simplifying access and security management, our solutions offer an advanced method of tracking and control to protect your property and optimise your resources.

Managing multiple locks and keys to ensure assets are kept secure while complying with safety regulations is time consuming, costly and sometimes frustrating.

Let iglooworks maximise your resources by streamlining and simplifying your access control processes. You have visibility, heightened control and accountability with our devices and software.

Our hardware supports a wide array of communication protocols to suit your needs.

  • Narrowband Internet of Things
    Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology that connects devices on established mobile networks. It is secure, reliable, optimised for low power consumption and easy to deploy.

  • Bluetooth
    Short-range wireless connectivity between electronic devices

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