Contactless pick-up for your home improvement needs

Hornbach is Germany’s leading DIY chain store, offering home improvement and do-it-yourself products. Hornbach has an expansive network, with over 98 stores in Germany alone and over 160 stores across Europe including: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, and Switzerland.


Prior to adopting our products, Hornbach was limited to only in-store collections from Monday to Saturday, 7:00 till 20:00. Customers would have to go in-store to ask for assistance with their pickup, which resulted in employees having to spend time and energy locating  various orders in the warehouse. This process for collection presents pain points both on the customer’s side and Hornbach’s.

Pick-ups and drop-offs lack flexibility, limiting the customers to only open-hours. Additionally, the customer is left waiting for the order whilst the employee has to spend the time to locate the order. Limited times for pick-up, a lack of out-of-hours collection, and allocating manpower to handle customer pick-up/drop-offs made in-store pick ups are not ideal to Hornbach’s business operations. The company wanted to alleviate both the resources invested and the tediousness of these issues when arranging customer collections, which led to them engaging with igloocompany to tackle their pain points.

What we did for them
  • Deployment of over 2000 Padlocks in Hornbach stores across Europe

  • Integrated into their Zebra TC21 Devices via our igloodeveloper APK into their own system for scanning barcodes, product logging/depositing

Our Partnership

Hornbach started trialing our product in early 2021, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Padlock was the perfect solution for Hornbach to provide a seamless, contactless, and convenient out-of-hours collection solution. With our Bluetooth access generation technology, Hornbach has been able to generate duration PIN codes for customers to collect their goods at their convenience and without the need for employees to come into contact, when safety in distance was a concern. Hornbach houses our Padlocks within their own DIY wooden locker unit solution to secure the lock in place and each unit has between 21 to 54 locker doors of varying sizes, which are all outfitted with our Padlocks.

The flow has been simplified and does not require any waiting between pick-up/drop-offs for both employees and customers. When Hornbach employees receive the order confirmation from customers for pick-up, they will proceed to the warehouse to scan the barcodes with their Zebra devices, which are integrated with our igloodeveloper APK. This allows them to conveniently log the product, deposit it into the locker, and create a 4-digit PIN code for the customer to pick up at their convenience.


Each locker will have a locker number and a control number, which is to ensure that the customer has actually arrived in front of the locker itself. Once the control number is logged in, the customer’s 4-digit PIN code for the pick-up will be revealed, which then the customer can proceed to open the locker and collect his goods. The same 4-digit PIN code can be used for multiple lockers, if the customer has purchased more goods.

With igloocompany, Hornbach has provided a contactless and convenient solution for their customers. Since June 2021, the company has handled over 45,000 contactless pickups, amounting to over €2.5-million in order values handled. By innovating their processes with smart solutions from igloocompany, Hornbach have not only freed up manpower resources to focus other aspects of the business, but also provided a seamless and fuss-free pick-up experience for their customers.

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