Introducing the World's First Unmanned Ski Rental Kiosk

How often do you find yourself dusting off those skis stored in your garage, anticipating a ski trip that occurs perhaps just once or twice a year? Skiing, being a seasonal sport, often leaves its equipment underutilized. Moreover, the inconveniences and expenses linked to transporting skis to the slopes can be a significant hurdle for many enthusiasts.

Imagine a skiing experience where you can effortlessly rent, adjust, and collect your skis on demand, all thanks to the innovative NMB Ski Rental Kiosk. Located strategically on the slopes of the Klappen Ski Resort, this groundbreaking solution is a game-changer for skiers seeking convenience and flexibility.

The success of this groundbreaking solution is a result of a collaborative effort between key players in the industry: igloo, RentalBuddy, NoMoreBoots, and Klappen Ski Resort. Together, they exemplify the kind of multiparty solutions that drive the sharing and circular economy.

What makes this rental model unique is its ability to offer skiers the freedom to try out different skis without the hassle of transportation. No more worrying about adapting to changing snow conditions or being bound by rigid rental schedules. This exciting new approach to skiing not only promises fun and dynamism but also keeps costs at a minimum.

The Solution

Igloo, the hardware provider, plays a crucial role with its Padlock 2 product. Designed for sub zero conditions, the Padlock 2 boasts a durable and rugged construction. Its steel-capped PIN pad allows for easy use with gloves, and the deployment of algoPIN credential technology ensures secure unlocking. Powered by a low-temperature lithium battery, it offers an impressive 8 months of operation time, covering the entire ski season.

RentalBuddy, our software integration partner, utilizes time bound pincode access to streamline the booking, management, and timed access for renters through their software solution. This collaborative ecosystem creates a user-centric solution that leverages technology to provide an unmanned station at a fraction of the cost of a manned one.

As Rentalbuddy's Co-founder, Emil Jonsson proudly shares,

"We are committed to making the user experience easy and intuitive. Booking with the help of a QR code is no exception. By simply scanning their preferred rental item, users can effortlessly, in a few steps, select the rental duration, complete the payment, and receive a personalized PIN code. This unique code ensures exclusive access to the designated lock for the duration of their booking, making the process easy and secure."

Through the RentalBuddy software, customers not only reduce manpower costs but also open up access to flexible rental hours. Skiers can now rent and return skis at their convenience, independent of set schedules. Plus, the system allows for easy extraction of check-in/out information, providing traceability and valuable insights into overall asset usage.

If you're in the rental business or looking to scale an existing one with cutting-edge technology, reach out to us to learn how we can help get you set up with our range of solutions.

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