Paddling has never been easier, with Kayakomat

Kayakomat by Point 65 Sweden is a Sweden-based Kayak rental company with a strong Western presence, being in countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Canada, and Switzerland. Kayakomat provides their clients with a convenient and seamless kayaking experience with three simple steps: Book, Unlock, and Paddle.

With nearly 100 locations where they rent out thousands of kayaks every season, having a flexible and convenient access solution was imperative to their operations. Requiring staff to be near the Kayak racks, the time spent to log and pass the keys to the guests, and re-collecting the keys when their session ends, require resources and manpower which could be allocated elsewhere in the business. Furthermore, they were looking for a secure solution without the fear of key loss or duplication.

What we did for them

  • Deployment of over 1400 Padlocks within the first year, and doubling the quantity within the next year

  • Integrated their booking system with our iglooworks API to leverage our access management dashboard with the ease of automated pin generation

Our Partnership

Point 65 Sweden started their trial of our products in late 2020. They started off with our igloohome line, but transitioned into our iglooworks software and its API further down the line. Within two years, Point 65 has grown to deploy over 1400 of our Padlocks across their network.

As of today, they have 90 stations in Sweden, seven in Denmark, three in Canada, and one each in Spain, France, and Germany. There have been over 30,000 people that have accessed their kayak-rental service with our Padlocks, equaling a total of 17,000 bookings and counting, thus far. With their business originating from Sweden, where they have the strongest presence, they are looking to expand their business to around 300 kayak racks equipped with our Padlocks by 2023.

The current flow of renting a kayak with Point 65 is a very simple process:

  1. When a guest books a timeslot for their kayaking session with their desired location, they will be assigned a Kayak rack and specific compartment, which is secured with our Padlocks. 

  2. They will receive an email with an automatically generated duration PIN code, via our AlgoPIN technology, and the PIN will last for the duration of their booking. The guest will not need to wait for staff to provide them the keys nor wait for them to return the keys. 

The booking process is fully automated and contactless, and can be done at the convenience of the guest! From beginners to veterans of the water, Point 65’s guests can be assured they will experience a seamless experience as easy as: Book, Unlock, and Paddle! With igloohome’s smart access solution, paddling has never been easier.

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