Telcos and infrastructure management

Smart access solutions for large-scale infrastructure industries

Pain Points

Dispersed and remote sites.

Hassle of managing high volume of keys.

Inefficient site visit processes.

Unauthorised duplication or mishandling of keys.

Infrastructure industries such as telcos, tower companies and more usually have assets in dispersed and remote locations. These sites tend to require occasional access to carry out maintenance or operational works; or seasonal access to a select few.

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iglooworks is reinventing access management for large-scale infrastructure industries.

The benefits of smart access are easy to see

Smart Access Benefits

Streamline site visit processes

With multiple dispersed and remote sites for contractors to carry out maintenance works, it is a hassle to manage keys and to have different parties draw respective keys at a centralised headquarters before they’re able to access the sites. iglooworks simplifies the process by allowing you to grant access remotely via the dashboard or mobile app.

Heighten access security of your sites

Issue PIN codes or Bluetooth keys to your staff, technicians and more. These virtual keys are time-sensitive too, keeping your site safe and secure at all times. No more worrying about lost or unwarranted duplication of keys. We’ll do the legwork, so you can focus on the pressing issues of your operations.

Real-time monitoring & control

Take charge of the audit trail. The dashboard allows you to view, manage and analyse lock activities and activity logs so you’re in control at all times. Know which locks were accessed by whom and get immediate notifications should there be any tampering involved.

Our hardware supports a wide array of communication protocols to suit your needs.

  • Narrowband Internet of Things
    Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology that connects devices on established mobile networks. It is secure, reliable, optimised for low power consumption and easy to deploy.

  • Bluetooth
    Short-range wireless connectivity between electronic devices

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