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  • Savings in terms of manpower costs and time needed for key exchanges between staff and customers

  • Hassle-free customer experience - contactless key pickup straight on boat anytime

Skipperi is a Finland-based boating rental service provider with business across six nations, including the Nordics, Canada, and New Zealand. With over 40 employees and around 360 boats in 19 cities and 45 harbors to manage, it was critical for Skipperi to save on man-power and find a way to optimize and establish a more efficient system for boat sharing.


Skipperi adopted our smart access solution from day one, identifying our product as their go-to brand for smart access. Our Keybox 3 was a solution to address key issues involved in a vehicle-sharing economy by creating an efficient system of exchange.

Typical vehicle-sharing cases would involve the customer making a booking, having an employee go down to the vehicle to hand over the keys, and then collecting the keys back after the time slot had ended. This takes up both a lot of time and unnecessary effort in manpower, depending on the distance between the employee and the vehicle, for the act of exchanging physical keys.

There are also threats of key loss and cutting, and time-consuming session tracking and management of guests. With these pain points in mind, Skipperi approached us as their port of call to address these issues.

What we did for them
  • Keybox 3 directly attached to boats under Skipperi fleets

  • Integrated igloodeveloper API, allowing the Skipperi ecosystem to issue PIN Codes seamlessly


Our Partnership

With over 483 Keybox 3s on boats and doors, our product was the perfect solution for Skipperi to provide a seamless and hassle-free boating experience, in which their guests can enjoy on-demand contactless key pickup straight on their desired boat!

With the versatility of the Keybox 3, the locks are mounted right onto the boats themselves so guests can just hop on and key in the PIN code provided without the need of an on-site employee to deliver the keys and return them after the session.

Furthermore, Skipperi was able to easily integrate our igloodeveloper API  into their own in-house management ecosystem.

With just the Skipperi app, their guests can enjoy a seamless experience without the need to download multiple apps and allows for greater administration on their side for day-to-day rentals. Access management was also addressed, with our Keybox 3 providing activity logs to see when guests have both picked up and returned their keys after the session. 



The Keybox 3 is an integral part of the seamless Skipperi experience, with our product tackling their biggest challenges of saving manpower and having a way to easily provide on-demand contactless access. With the Keybox 3, Skipperi has enhanced their flow of boat renting to allow their guests to experience the best parts of boating.

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