Streamlining Access Automation with Inlet

In the realm of access automation, Inlet AS, a Norwegian-based lock integration platform, has established itself as a key player by providing integrated access management solutions. By connecting smart locks with a vast network of partners, Inlet enables businesses across various sectors to embark on their access automation journey. Their platform acts as a central hub that connects smart locks to their extensive network of partners that provide front-end solutions for businesses.

Currently, Inlet works with prominent partners such as Sharefox (Sharing economy business: Sports & Recreation, Tools and Machinery, and out-of-hours collections for retail stores), Oracle (Hotel and facilities access management software), and Eagle Eye Networks (AI surveillance software). Other sectors that they have enabled include: Commercial & Residential real estate, Membership Management, and Public Sector access control.

With igloocompany, Inlet has enabled their customers to create a seamless booking and access management platform using our solutions. One such example is a Norwegian, Oslo-based boat rental company - Hankøbåt, who has been using both iglooconnect and Inlet platforms for their boat rental business.

What is iglooconnect?

iglooconnect is a platform to integrate locks with a myriad of services. Whether it's managing facility booking, property management or vacation rental hosting, iglooconnect links locks to industry specific ecosystems and partners, simplifying workflows. With Inlet's integration with our iglooconnect marketplace, it enables their partners (mainly the front-end solution providers such as Sharefox and Oracle) to seamlessly utilize our automated access management integration without needing to undergo the integrate process themselves. Through this, end-users who use these front-end solution providers can access the benefits of our integration from their preferred platform partner.

The Challenge:

Prior to working with igloocompany, Inlet had already integrated with various other lock partners. They sought to expand their range of compatible lock solutions and establish themselves as a reliable and convenient back-end solution provider. In September 2022, a mutual interest between both companies led to the formation of a partnership. Since then, Inlet has become an iglooconnect partner and has helped develop business in the Nordics through various projects focusing on the use of our products. Meanwhile, igloocompany aimed to enhance products’ reach and offer customers the opportunity to automate their businesses using Inlet’s products and services.

The Solution:

Through the partnership, the following was achieved:

Increased User Reach: By integrating with igloocompany’s products and services, Inlet gained access to a broader user base. This expansion allowed new businesses to automate their operations using igloocompany’s locks through the iglooconnect service.

Lock Integration: Inlet successfully implemented iglooco’s lock solutions, including the Padlock 2/2E, Retrofit, and Keybox 3, into various use cases throughout the Nordic regions and beyond. These integrations facilitated seamless access management across different industries, such as harbour management, tools and assets management, shared co-working spaces, shared gym facilities, vacation lodging rentals, and more.

Streamlined Backend Infrastructure: Inlet provided the backend infrastructure for generating access, ensuring a robust and reliable system. In cooperation with their software partners, this infrastructure included a "key share" function which enables clients and partners to generate access quickly by inputting the worker's phone number, specifying authorized doors, and setting access durations. Inlet ensured that access was granted securely through supported methods such as codes, SMS-keys, or digital keys.

Key Achievements:

Enhanced Access Automation: The partnership allowed businesses to streamline their access management processes. By integrating lock solutions with Inlet's extensive partner network, businesses could automate access control for various scenarios, improving operational efficiency and user experiences.

Expanded Market Presence: Through the collaboration, Inlet expanded its network and services beyond the Nordic regions, reaching businesses across Europe and the UK. This geographical expansion opened new market opportunities for both Inlet and igloocompany, positioning both companies as key players in the access automation industry.

Tailored Solutions: Inlet's focus on providing front and back-end solutions allowed them to work closely with clients to tailor their desired user journey using our products. This customization ensured that businesses could implement access automation in a way that aligned with their unique requirements and operational workflows.

The partnership between igloocompany and Inlet exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving access automation solutions. By leveraging on igloocompany's software and smart lock solutions, together with Inlet's extensive partner network and backend infrastructure, businesses across various sectors have been able to enhance their operational efficiency and user experiences.

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