Revolutionizing the Golf Industry in Australia​

Vendigolf specializes in technology-based solutions for the golfing industry in Australia. Formed  with a vision of eliminating the traditional challenges faced by regional golf courses, Vendigolf developed a partnership with iglooworks to find a way to reduce golf clubs’ manpower needs through automation of access and payment management systems. Through this, Vendigolf is able to provide an easy-to-use, self-facilitated, golf cart rental service to golfers while helping golf clubs save on manpower costs and time. 

With how remotely located regional golf courses in Australia are, golfers often face a hard time hiring golf carts, especially when they are unstaffed and marred with complicated access-granting processes. By creating a fully self-attending business model with Vendigolf’s booking platform, payment platform and the Keybox 3, Vendigolf is able to automate golf cart rental business fully without the need for full-time staffing just for key exchanges and access management. This is especially beneficial for golf clubs that are looking to be more hands-off for golf cart rentals but still want to maintain visibility on usage of golf carts on their grounds.

What we did for them
  • Keybox 3 for self-facilitated rental of golf carts 

  • Integrated igloodeveloper API to Vendigolf’s platform for easy PIN Codes issuance


With over 60 Keybox 3s deployed, Vendigolf can easily rent out golf carts to golfers without hassle. Golfers just have to scan the QR code at the rental location, make a booking online and they’ll receive an access PIN Code to the Keybox 3. They then have to retrieve the key within the Keybox 3 during the duration of the booking.  After which, they will be able to use the golf cart as they please. All this can be done easily through Vendigolf’s booking and payment platforms, without the need for an on-site employee to facilitate the process.

Our igloodeveloper API was also integrated into their booking platform, InTennis by SportLogic. Through InTennis, Vendigolf is able to get access PIN Codes automatically and send them to golfers for their use, on the spot. Vendigolf and golf clubs can also have visibility on rentals, such as duration of rentals and usage frequency, allowing them to study seasonality trends.

The integration of our smart access solution into Vendigolf’s scalable business model is definitely beneficial - with the Keybox 3, golf cart use has more than trebled amongst Vendigolf’s golf club clients, sometimes tenfold.

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