Hotel Minn

Smart access for hospitality properties to maximise resources


Seamless check-in and check-out experience with time-sensitive PIN codes or Bluetooth keys.

Reduce cost on using and replacing physical keys and keycards.

Increased efficiency and reduced manpower overheads.

Inspired by the coziness of vacation rental homes, Hotel Minn is a boutique chain hotel that aims to deliver a ‘stay here like you live here’ experience for their guests. Located in Osaka, Japan, the hotel fashioned their rooms to look and feel like a second home.

"igloohome has made our processes more efficient. Check-ins are smoother and guest satisfaction has increased due to lowered waiting times." - Sanka Kouno, Hotel Minn, Osaka.

Smart access automates the check-in process for guests while allowing the hotel to save cost on overheads. Maximise resources by having reception staff focus on pressing issues, neither will you need them during graveyard shifts just to facilitate check-ins at odd hours.

What we did for them
  • Manage guest check-ins to improve guest satisfaction.

  • Maximise manpower resources.

  • Improve security of rooms.

Our partnership

To enhance the guest experience and improve guest satisfaction, Hotel Minn uses our locks to manage access.

Guests do not need to spend too much time during check-ins, nor fuss with physical key cards during check-outs as the hotel issues duration PIN codes. The validity of these codes expire on the day of guest check-out to ensure the property is kept safe.

Our devices are used in these locations:

Hotel Minn, Namba

Hotel Minn, Shinsaibashi

Hotel Minn, Juso

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