Convenient, remote, and accessible solution to help manage array of apartments in Poland

LoftAffair is a Poland-based professional property management service company. They provide top-class serviced hotel apartments, an exquisite long term rental portfolio, and interior design services. Their chic and unique apartments are situated in Polish cities such as: Kraków, Warsaw, Zakopane, Gdańsk, and Mikołajki. Being a company with a large rental and hotel portfolio, LoftAffair needed a convenient, remote, and accessible solution to help manage their array of apartments. Remote access was especially important for them as with their large number of apartments and the constant access expected from both employees and guests, LoftAffair approached igloohome to allow us to solve their pain points!

What igloohome did for them
  • Allowed peace of mind towards employee access and remote guest key hand-off with our sturdy and secure igloohome Smart Keybox 3 (2017)

  • Enabled fuss-free and remote entry to LoftAffair properties through our AlgoPIN technology

  • Provided a convenient and low-profile plug-and-play remote access solution with our igloohome EU Retrofit (2022)

  • Became the standard of smart entry access across LoftAffair’s new properties

Our Partnership

LoftAffair approached igloohome back in 2017 looking for a secure and robust remote access solution that could store their various apartment keys for both employees and guests to access their properties. They had chosen the Smart Keybox 3 due to the high build quality, security, and practicality that it could provide. Since then, they have employed over 200 Keyboxes across their portfolio and, as of 2023, they have started implementing our igloohome EU Retrofit locks to their newer apartments!

With our solutions, LoftAffair have saved a considerable amount of time, removing the need for physical key hand-offs or inflexible check-in/check-out times. They’ve also improved employee access (Cleaning, maintenance, photographers) to the apartments, enabling LoftAffair to provide access remotely and on-the-go without the stress of scheduling key handoffs or losing the keys. With our security, flexibility, and accessibility, igloohome provided a convenient and practical solution for LoftAffair to enable peace of mind for their vast portfolio of luxury apartments and hotels.

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