My Workspace

Smart access to manage co-working offices


No need for shared keys or compromising security.

With high turnover levels in these shared spaces, increase traceability and customise access rights so your property is kept safe at all times.

Located in Gangnam, Seoul, My Workspace is a co-working space for start-ups, entrepreneurs and the like. From single seats to multiple meeting rooms, My Workspace prides itself for its spacious yet cosy design. Rental costs can be high in the city and My Workspace aims to help alleviate these overheads for small businesses that need an office.

“The co-working space industry needs a cost-effective and integrated smart lock system that would allow for automation of space access. igloohome satisfies both needs by offering affordable smart locks and APIs to integrate them with co-working space management softwares like andCards Suite.”
- Igor Dzhebyan, andCards

What we did for them
  • Automated room booking.

  • Ensure room’s security is never compromised.

  • Provide convenience to users.

Our partnership

We partnered up with andcards to deliver a cutting-edge solution to automate the room booking process for MyWorkspace.

“[igloohome] is going to make room management more efficient.” - Ronald Yang, My Workspace, Co-working Space in Gangnam, Seoul

andcards offers a co-working space software for residents and managers. Residents can book a meeting room or make payment via the software while managers can track co-working memberships, bookings, expenses, space utilisation statistics and more on one platform.

Our locks are installed on the different rooms within MyWorkspace:

My Workspace

My Workspace

My Workspace

Integrated with andcards software, managers of the co-working space can utilise their time to the fullest potential. Handling a shared office is no easy feat but our solution provides a convenient user experience with efficient and secure room bookings.

Access can be customised to the granular level, ensuring that the rooms are always secure. Our solution frees up the managers’ time when it comes to issuing access to multiple users.

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