Making secured reservations easier for everyone

WiseIngress is a web and mobile-based complete reservation system designed to make bookings contactless and efficient. Available in the US, Canada and Singapore (with plans of expansion to Europe and Australia), WiseIngress allows business owners and facility managers to manage shared amenities, shared spaces and tools securely. 

Whether it’s a party room, a swimming pool, a gym, a meeting room, a delivery box, a library room or a toolbox, WisIngress empowers managers to efficiently manage and oversee how end users schedule bookings and access amenities.

With a shared goal of giving managers the power to share securely, anytime and anywhere, WiseIngress partnered with igloohome for over four years to offer a complete access control system that is not limited to a specific type of business. Any business that wants to use the WiseIngress platform has a wide range of hardware and software features to choose from, based on their needs. As their slogan says, "Once it's sharable, we can make it reservable."

What we did for them
  • Deadbolt 2S, Keybox 3 and Padlock,  for different use cases

  • Integrated igloodeveloper SDK, allowing the WiseIngress system to automate their access granting process

  • iglooconnect service provider


WiseIngress offers an easy-to-install web and mobile-based reservation system that is integrated with igloohome’s innovative lock hardware. With igloohome locks, customers are able to answer their needs with an array of igloohome locks, fit for different situations. As igloohome locks do not require an Internet connection to work, there is also no concern about WiFi availability.

Deadbolt 2S

  • Party room

  • Rental property

  • Shared gym

  • Shared office space

Keybox 3

  • Apartment Amenities

  • Transportation Sharing Including Bikes & Vehicles

  • Sublets

  • Construction & Other Job Sites

  • Open House Showings


  • Delivery Box

  • Shared Tool Boxes

  • Shared Medicine Cabinets

  • Shared Doorways & Gates

  • Shared Storage Lockers

  • Shared Vehicles & Bicycles

Mobile App Admin-Account-2png

Mobile App-User-Account-1png

On the software side of things, WiseIngress was able to easily integrate our igloodeveloper API/SDK into their own in-house management ecosystem. Once end users complete their bookings on the WiseIngress platform, access will be automatically generated with a PIN Code or a Bluetooth key.  After the validity period of the PIN Code or Bluetooth key is over, the lock will revoke access automatically to ensure security for the shared amenities, shared spaces or tools.

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